Immensity framed by endless white beaches. The crystal clear waters of rivers, lakes, waterfalls, streams and streams make Tapajós the amazing Blue Amazon.

Alter do Chão


The most beautiful of the beaches of Tapajós, named by the natives "Brazilian Caribbean". It gives the tourist a taste of having found paradise lost.


Alter do Chão is our starting point for dozens of enchanting places you can be enchanted.


Magnificently located on the left bank of the Tapajós river, about 32 km from Santarém.


Throughout the year, Alter do Chão is a fishing village with just over 6,000 inhabitants. But during the dry season (summer), she gets all the attention. The water level drops to 10 m, which gives rise to 100 km of beaches.

Furo do Jarí


Region located on the left bank of the Tapajós river, near the mouth of the Arapiuns river. It is a portion of water and land that extends from the Amazon River to the Tapajós River, with typical features of lowland areas, rich in animal species.


On an excursion to Jarí, you can practice sport fishing (especially piranha fishing), see alligators, monkeys and other mammals. In addition to seeing countless species of birds and a beautiful flock of parakeets and maracana. Get to know the famous Victoria Regia and enjoy a bucolic setting with a magnificent sunset.

Tapajós FLONA


Departing from Alter do Chão on a 3-hour motorboat trip, it is an excellent choice for ecotourists who want to enjoy the rich Amazonian flora, with forest walks where species over 100 years old are found. altitude above 70 m, typical of a rainforest.


The communities to visit are Maguari and Jamaara, traditional by the way of life of the riverside caboclo, who survive on nature without degrading it.


In Maguari, in addition to the forest trails, we can admire one of the most beautiful beaches in the region in the summer season, sleep under the starry sky and enjoy the local crafts such as bags and even latex-based clothing (milk extracted from rubber) , known as vegetable leather.


In Jamaraçá, besides the activities described in Maguari, one can practice diving in the crystal clear waters of streams, true natural aquariums.

Ponta do Cururu


A true spectacle of nature, 15 minutes away from Alter do Chão, with a tip of sand, which during the summer reaches almost 1 km in length.


It is an excellent choice for swimming, hiking, dolphin watching and also dazzling with a wonderful sunset.

Arapiuns River

Located on the left bank of the Tapajós River, it has exclusive waterway access on a 2.5 hour motor boat ride from Alter do Chão to its mouth.


In summer, there are numerous beaches such as Ponta Grande and Ponta do Icuxi, with white sand banks, great for swimming and overnight with piracaia rights (traditional way of roasting and eating fish on the beach at night).


Cachoeira do Aruã, located in the river, is a separate spectacle.


Among the riverside communities we can visit are Coroca and Urucureá, which stand out for their hospitable people and their handicrafts based on tucumã straw, such as bags, coasters, dish holders, among others.

Ponta de Pedras


Ideal for an all day leisure!


It is a cozy little village, with small stalls serving typical foods, especially the dishes based on the cigar (small fish similar to sardines).


In summer, the white sandy beach stretches across the front of the village, forming a small lake and sand tips, among them the largest with a unique rock formation, which during the Amazon winter (flood period) leaves only the rocks. sample.